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Ebike ownership made easy

Roadside pickup, theft protection, and preventative maintenance, all in your pocket.

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Available for iOS (Android coming soon)

Tempo Members are always ready


If you get stuck, we will come get you and your bike and get you where you need to go.


Know what to do, when to do it, and who can get it done, so your bike is always ready to ride.


Make your bike harder to steal, more likely to be returned if it’s stolen, and insured in case you have to replace it.

Tempo Members can handle anything that happens with their ebikes, anywhere in the United States.
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Stay on top of  everything

Keep track of maintenance, get in-app expert advice, and access convenient transport for your bike to the shop for repairs.

Ride everywhere

2 free roadside pickups, anywhere in the United States, to get you home or to your local bike shop for repairs.

Park anywhere

The best trackers and locks, registration for recovery, and insurance to protect your bike from thieves.

“It’s like AAA for my ebike!”
Jenny F.
“Tempo takes a lot of the guesswork around ebike ownership and makes me feel confident that if anything comes up, I'm covered.”
Alex M.
“Knowing that I can get my bike picked up in case of a flat gives me a lot of peace of mind.”
“Tempo makes bike maintenance, tracking and road side service super simple! It's another reason why now it is easier than ever to replace your car with a bike for city commuting.”
Noah S.

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Tempo membership supports organizations that support bikes