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We want everyone to ride an ebike

Why? Because ebikes make us, our communities, and our planet healthier and happier.

Why doesn't everyone ride an Ebike?

Ebikes are easy to ride, but not very easy to own

Ebikes require maintenance more often than regular bikes, or even cars

Ebikes get stolen more often than regular bikes because they are more valuable and are parked on the street more often

Ebikes are among the most valuable things people own, but they typically aren't covered by the insurance people already have for their cars, homes, or regular bikes

Ebikes are new and evolving as rapidly as they are being adopted, raising new questions every year about batteries, motors, bike lanes, kid seats and more

At Tempo, we believe that if ebikes were easier to own, more people would own them and ride them. So we created an app and membership program to support ebike owners with the services that make ebike ownership easier.

Many of these services have been enjoyed by car owners for decades - think roadside assistance, insurance, service records, and more.

We imagine a world where ebikes are as popular as cars.

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Michael Keating is Tempo's CEO. He rode his first ebike in 2011. Blown away by this fun, affordable, climate-friendly machine, he started a company, Scoot, that introduced 100,000 people to electric mobility in the US, Europe, and Latin America. When he's not building Tempo, he pedals himself and his kids around San Francisco by electric cargo bike.


Brian Ellin is Tempo's Chief Product Officer. He is a lifelong cyclist and early “ebike dad” who has worked at bike shops, raced mountain bikes and cyclocross, and currently helps lead the bike bus to his kids' school in Portland. When he wasn't riding a bike, Brian created products used by millions of people around the world at Twitter, Medium, Cozy, and Ride Report.

and many others

Tempo wouldn't have happened without the contributions of the extended Tempo team of experts, advisors, investors, friends and family to whom we are forever grateful.