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Sell more ebikes with less theft

Deter thieves, aid in theft recovery, and replace stolen ebikes with a theft protection plan for your ebike brand.

People who don't fear theft buy more bikes

Fear of theft is the #1 reason people considering an ebike haven't bought one (after price), according to research by People for Bikes. Tempo helps your brand eliminate that fear.

Tempo creates branded theft protection programs so your riders will buy more and ride more.
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To protect against theft: Prevent, Recover, Replace.


Tempo's security badges make stolen ebikes harder to sell, and less worth-while to steal.


The QR code on a Tempo badge makes it easy to contact the ebike's owner if the stolen bike is found.


If a bike with a Tempo badge is still stolen and not recovered, Tempo will pay to replace it.

How to work with us

sell more ebikes

Peace of mind: The new, must-have feature

Like a new car, your ebike can include theft protection (as well as roadside assistance and more), allowing your brand to solve these problems for your customers.
Ask us how to bundle peace of mind with each new bike you sell.

earn more from each sale

Let riders add protection to their new ebike

Offer your customers theft replacement coverage as a simple option to address their biggest concern about ebike ownership.

Increase your margins by sharing in theft replacement revenue.
Find out how much.

Theft protection is Not Insurance

Tempo is better than insurance.  

Deters theft and aids in recovery.

Covers theft only - no unnecessary features.

Up to 10x cheaper than traditional insurance.

ebikes are not cars

Ebikes are better than cars.

Offer roadside assistance, service plans, and financing.

Ebike companies can do what car companies do.

Your ebikes can be a reliable form of daily transportation, just like a car, but better.

“It’s like AAA for my ebike!”
Jenny F.
“Tempo takes a lot of the guesswork around ebike ownership and makes me feel confident that if anything comes up, I'm covered.”
Alex M.

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