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Ebikes need bike shops

Bike shops partner with Tempo to drive loyalty from their ebike customers, increase revenue, and improve their customers' ebike ownership experiences.

Two out of three ebikes (over 2,000,000 bikes in the US today) were not bought at a bike shop, but still need to be serviced. Those owners are looking for qualified shops right now, and Tempo helps them connect with the right shop.


We send youbusiness

You tell us what ebikes you are interested in working on, and what work you are willing and able to do on those bikes. Will you work on any ebike? Great. Only ebikes from brands you sell? No problem. Only the mechanical components of an ebike? Fine. We will only send you work you want to do.

Tempo does not charge a service fee or commission for service work we send to your shop. You are helping our members and that is enough for us.


You send us Members

Tempo makes ebike ownership easy. We give ebike owners access to helpful services like roadside pickup, bike transportation, maintenance reminders, and more. The app is free, and membership costs $75 per year.

Post our materials in your shop and on your website for customers to scan or click through. Digital assets can be found here. To request free print collateral (like the table tent and flyer shown) and for all other requests or questions email us.

If you refer one of your customers to Tempo, and they become a paying member, we will pay you a $20 commission. Or bundle Tempo with the sale of a new bike to drive more sales!

Tempo Members are more likely to use your shop's services because ebikes need more service than regular bikes, and because Tempo makes it easy for them to get their bike to your shop, and home again, using our affordable bike transport service.

Tempo supports organizations that support bikes


As an affiliate member of the National Bike Dealers Association, Tempo endeavors to support independent bike dealers' businesses. Listen to our founder, Michael Keating, introducing Tempo at a recent NBDA panel (starting around minute 24).

People for Bikes

Tempo is a corporate member of People for Bikes in order to support their work to make the US the best place in the world to ride a bike, and especially to support their work on ebikes.

Bike Index

Bikes registered with Bike Index are 2x more likely to be recovered if they are stolen. Tempo makes it easy for Tempo app users (members and non-members) to register their bikes with Bike Index in order to better combat bike theft.