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Tempo Members are happier riders

Brands partner with Tempo to improve their customers' after-sales experience, reduce customer service demand, and access incremental revenue.

a New kind of rider

Not all ebike riders are cyclists

They ride for transportation, and for fun.

They may have never fixed a flat tire or cleaned a chain.

They may think of their ebike as a tiny car, not a big bicycle.

a new Kind of Ride

Not all ebikes are toys

They carry precious cargo.

They cover thousands of miles a year.

They are necessities, not luxuries.

Tempo helps your customers help themselves


The Tempo app can quickly dispatch roadside service when one of your customers' ebikes gets a flat, runs out of battery, or otherwise can't make it home. Any size of ebike can be transported home or to a local bike shop for service, anywhere in the USA.


The Tempo app makes it easy to record maintenance history, find a local bike shop, transport your customer's ebike to the shop for service, and get it returned to them when service is done, taking much of the time and hassle out of keeping their bike running smoothly.


Through a combination of prevention, recovery assistance, and insurance, Tempo Members are much less likely to suffer from bike theft, despite owning valuable ebikes that they ride and park everywhere.

How to work with us

earn more from each sale

Let customers add Tempo to their new ebike

Offer Tempo membership to your customers as a simple way to address their concerns about the complexities of ebike ownership.

Increase your margins by sharing in the revenue Tempo earns from membership.
Find out how much.

sell more ebikes

Peace of mind: The new, must-have feature

Like many new cars, your ebikes can include roadside assistance, theft protection, and service plans, allowing your brand to solve these problems for your customers, and benefit from the value these services create.
Ask us how to bundle Tempo with each new bike you sell.