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Being a Tempo Member

Tempo Membership unlocks all the superpowers of the Tempo app, turning it into a true digital multitool you will have with you whenever you ride your ebike, anywhere in the USA. Join for $8/month, or $75/year if billed annually.

Member Benefits

Everything you need to be ready to ride.

Roadside pickup

Access to bike transport

Access to ebike insurance

Theft recovery registration

In-app expert bike advice

A record of repairs

Support for ebike advocates

Benefit Details

Roadside pickup

If you get stuck somewhere with your ebike and you can’t get it home or to a bike shop for repairs, use your Tempo app to get picked up. A van, tow truck, or similar vehicle will come to you and take you and your bike to your home or a bike shop for repairs.

Your Tempo membership includes 2 free emergency pickups per year with transportation for your bike and you for up to 30 miles for each pickup. Additional trips and miles are charged to the member based on local rates.

Your membership also includes reimbursement for a locksmith if you need one to cut your bike lock because you lost your key. Reimbursement is capped at $50.

Bike transport

Ebikes are often big and heavy and hard to move when you aren’t riding them, or when they can’t be ridden. Tempo members can book transportation for their bike to and from the local bike shop for repairs, or anywhere else they need their bike to go.

Tempo has negotiated excellent prices on behalf of our members, with trips costing as little as $15 for smaller bikes going just a few miles to $50+ for cargo bikes going longer distances. This can save you a ton of time and make it easier to keep your bike well-maintained.

For urgent help away from home, use our roadside pickup service.


Most ebikes are not covered by their owners’ other insurance policies, so getting a dedicated policy for your ebike makes a lot of sense and can cost as little as a few dollars per month. The Tempo app connects you to multiple ebike insurance providers with easy online applications. Tempo is not an insurance company.

Theft recovery

Bikes registered with Bike Index are 2x more likely to be recovered if they are stolen. That's because police, and the Bike Index community, keep an eye out for Bike Index bikes that have been reported stolen. Tempo makes it easy to register your bikes with Bike Index in order to better combat bike theft.


Tempo supports organizations that support ebikes, including The League of American Bicyclists, People for Bikes, and the National Bike Dealers Association. Each of these organizations contributes in different ways to make electric bicycle ownership easier. As our membership grows, our support will grow with it.