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Tempo is better with friends

Refer your friends to Tempo and get rewarded in so many ways.


Friends share equally

Give your friend $20 off their membership

Get $20 off of yours

Get 5 friends to become Tempo members and your membership paid for itself

Ride together

Friends protect each other

You are ready for anything on your ebike

Your friends are ready for anything on their ebikes

You enjoy the ride together even more

How to give and get credit

Tell your friend about Tempo

Get them to download the app

Make sure they enter your name when they create an account

Show them how awesome the Membership is

Explain that they get $20 back because they are your friend

When they become a member, we credit both of you $20

Referral FAQs

Can I get referral credits even if I’m not a paying Tempo Member?
Does my friend have to know my email or exact spelling of my name or a special referral code?
Do you have a special promo code I can give my friends that applies the $20 credit when they become members, instead of applying it retroactively?